Swansea University New teaching laboratories as part of a multi-million pound investment

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DarntonB3 Cardiff has designed the new teaching laboratories as part of a multi-million pound investment to create a hub for the high quality Chemical Sciences research being carried out across the Colleges of Science, Engineering and Medicine. DarntonB3 continues involvement across the Swansea University campus on a number of projects, which reflects DarntonB3’s strong ongoing working relationship with the University.

The president of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Professor Sir John Holman, has officially opened the new Chemistry Department at Swansea University on the 15th of November.

Professor Holman said: “It’s a very great privilege to be here today at Swansea for the reopening of the Chemistry Department.  It is such a pleasure as President of the Royal Society of Chemistry to be here and to see what excellent new facilities you have managed to create for the teaching of chemistry with your enthusiastic cohort, a cohort I am sure will only grow in the future. Congratulations to all of you at Swansea.”

Swansea University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Richard B Davies said: “We are extremely grateful of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s engagement with us in establishing a modern chemistry department at the University, and we are honoured to welcome Professor Sir John Holman here on this important day to open our new state-of-the-art facilities. 

Chemistry degrees were withdrawn at Swansea University in 2004, at a time when science and technology subjects had fallen in popularity.

The University has changed and the world has changed since, with the University being in a far stronger position and is now one of the top 25 universities for research in the UK. The University is currently top in Wales, and 16th in the UK, when it comes to graduates getting professional level jobs.

New degrees have been introduced at a time when the demand for chemistry degrees is increasing: with undergraduate enrolment in the subject up 4% nationally in the last 2 years.

The College of Science at Swansea, which will be the home for chemistry, is also growing rapidly: with undergraduate applications rising 15% overall in 2015/16 on top of a 20% increase in 2014/15

The day marked the culmination of the great work undertaken by staff at Swansea University over the last four years.  We look forward to continuing to uphold ourselves as a principle chemical education resource, and to establish world-leading research in Chemistry that will enhance our current activity.”