New Conwy Culture Centre

DarntonB3 Culture, Library

As a part of the strategy for modernising Conwy’s Library Service Conwy County Borough Council is proposing to provide a new Area Library for Llandudno Junction, Deganwy and Conwy and also a new permanent home for Conwy’s Archive and Museum Collections. DarntonB3 are delighted to act as architects for this project.

The new Culture Centre will act as an information hub and will serve to make Conwy’s Archive and Museum collections available to much wider audiences.

The new Culture Centre will also provide extensive Community and Youth Facilities and will be able to provide a venue and resources for a wide range of activities, groups and societies.

Conwy’s vision for the project is that it will act as a gateway to the County’s integrated Heritage and Cultural collections and their use for community learning, participation and enjoyment.

It is also hoped that the improved accessibility and integrated nature of the new facilities will encourage those who might not currently use the facilities on offer in the area to visit the Centre and enjoy the wide variety of opportunities and activities that will be offered.   

The site for the new Conwy Culture Centre is at the south eastern corner Bodlondeb Park in Conwy which lies adjacent to, but not within, the Town Walls of Conwy which themselves form a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of ‘The Castles and Town Walls of Edward 1st in Gwynedd’.

It was felt by the project team that the new building should not compete with the World Heritage Site and this has led to the proposed design being a simple but elegant single storey building located within the surrounding parkland environment. The large transparent areas will offer good views out of the new Centre, both to the Town Walls and to Bodlondeb Park. Furthermore the new Centre and its surroundings will serve as a new and significant gateway into Bodlondeb Park at a location close to Porth Ffordd Bangor which is itself one of the principal gateways into Conwy town centre within the Town Walls.

It is anticipated that construction work on the new Centre will be commenced in the Autumn of 2017 and it is hoped that the new Culture Centre will provide Conwy with a culturally and socially important new facility which will also become a popular and informative visitor destination.