• CDM Coordinator

  • CDM Coordinator


At DarntonB3 we are proud of  our teams  who meet the definition of ‘Designer’ within the terms of the Construction (Design and Management)  Regulations 2015.  We possess the necessary skills, knowledge, experience and organisational capability required by the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 to provide our Clients with comprehensive and effective Principal Designer services and are currently employed across the UK in this capacity.

We have over 20 years’ experience working as designers and CDM coordinators (now Principal Designers) providing CDM services to clients across the UK on varied and exciting projects. We act as Principal Designer on major regeneration, mixed use, hospitality, housing and retail projects, – to note but our current projects. We are as experienced in new build situations, as when working in occupied buildings on tight city centre sites.

Our Health and Safety Professionals are highly qualified and a number are Registered Members of the Association for Project Safety who have passed the APS CDM2015 examination (RMaPS2015).  In addition to these qualifications, our multi-disciplinary teams include staff from architectural, services, and building surveying backgrounds. This combination of skills allows us to manage the consideration of health and safety in a considered and pragmatic way.

We also provide Client CDM Advisory services, and very much enjoy working with design teams and with our clients to ensure that all health and safety is fully and properly considered at all stages of construction projects.