Comment: Closing the Gap

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The benefits to using Modern Methods of Construction and Off Site manufacturing practices are well documented (Improved Quality, Shorter time on site, Use of semi- skilled labour force etc) , but so often the counter argument has been one of cost. It is unfortunate the construction industry has taken so long to develop a recognition of life time costing and …

Animal Health Trust

DarntonB3 Off site Construction, Office

We are delighted that planning permission has been granted for our superb scheme to provide new build facilities on behalf of the Animal Health Trust. The project, located in Newmarket, will provide offices, student accommodation and a library for this amazing charity. Find out more about their important work in fighting disease and injury in animals at

DarntonB3 design UK’S largest off-site construction project

DarntonB3 Off site Construction, Office, Utlities

We are delighted to be working as architect for the UK’s largest modular construction project, the development of 38,000 sqm of prestigious office space for the new Hinkley Point C nuclear power station. Working with Premier Modular for client EDF we have designed facilities that will in part be converted to form permanent high quality office accommodation post-completion of the …