Avon Valley College now on site

DarntonB3 Education

Construction work has now started on a 2100 sq m classroom clock at Avon Valley College designed by DarntonB3 for Wiltshire Council (Contractor – Interserve).

This block represents the first phase of a complete redevelopment of this secondary school which is located in the town of Durrington on Salisbury Plain and which largely serves the children of army personnel. The design follows the completion of a masterplan prepared by DarntonB3 and reflects both the site constraints, including planning requirements and construction access issues, and the need to replace existing accommodation in phases. The restricted footprint available for this phase led to the accommodation being arranged over 3 storeys, with art classrooms located on the top floor to make use of north-facing roof lights.

The plan reflects a key requirement of the brief, namely passive supervision, and incorporates a staff base located centrally within an atrium allowing views of all main circulation routes. Phase 2, comprising a 816 sq m  of general and ICT classrooms has also been designed and granted planning consent.