Leeds College of Music

DarntonB3 Education

Leeds College of Music

DarntonB3 are appointed as Architect to deliver improvement works to the Leeds College of Music.

Our proposals create an iconic entrance feature by enhancing the main corner of the existing College building. A double height cantilevered ‘rotated cube’ dark grey zinc clad construction is created to increase the size of the internal reception area as well as strengthening the College’s visual identity.

Full height frameless glazing at ground level provides a new transparent entrance lobby creating a ‘lightness’ and ‘openness’ onto St. Peter’s Square. On the upper level strategically placed frameless windows punch through the zinc cladding to create a dramatic visual link between the internal and external spaces.

The reception area is located immediately upon entry into the building to welcome people into the college. The design and location provides reception and security staff a full panoramic view of the entrance area, new stairs and seating and into the college to allow for full surveillance on the spaces.

The selection of materials and colours proposed are similar those used for the insides of a grand piano. The underside of the zinc entrance box is clad in a natural gold alloy and is illuminated from beneath by floor mounted spot lights to create an soft welcoming glow. Timber cladding runs the full height of the building frames and contrasts with the dark zinc cladding and helps to marry the old with the new elements.