Holiday Inn Watford Junction

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DarntonB3 has gained full planning permission 2015 for the construction of a new conference facility above the existing car parking structure at the rear of the Holiday Inn Watford Junction.

The existing building was built circa the 1970’s, and was originally used as an office. It has recently been converted into a hotel and apart hotel, with additional rear extensions constructed to support this change of use. DarntonB3 was also involved in all these construction works to the main building.

The new conference facility provides a total of 650msq new gross floor area located at a new second floor level above the existing first floor ‘roof’ level of the existing car parking structure.

The proposed conference facility has been designed to enhance the setting of the existing hotel, a good example of 1970’s modernist architecture.

The key feature of the new conference facility is the curved pitched roof. It provides a new and exciting shape to the design, creating a complimentary relationship with the solid rectangular form of the main hotel building.

We used Revit  to produce the design and to achieve the free form roof shape.